We've moved but not far...

Posted by David Sparks on

Some of our visitors have struggled to find us in the Outlet Centre in Swindon. That's because back in November 2014, during the refurbishment of the South Mall we were temporarily moved to the North Mall in unit 42.

If you come to the centre today you'll find that instead of walking through the South Mall, you'll be walking a bit further into the new Long Shop. Very shiny. In fact you can now walk round the entire centre without going outdoors. If fancy a sit down, there are even comfy armchairs in parts of the mall.

So where exactly are we? Most people know where the Gap store is. If you go there and stand with your back to the Gap you'll be facing down the North Mall. Walk to the other end and you'll find us there.

It's a temporary location for us and we're looking forward to our new spot in the centre. We'll let you know more as soon as we can.

See you soon.
The Worldbelts team.