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Black leather belt strap
Jeans Belt Strap - Black Leather £10.50
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White leather belt strap
Jeans Belt Strap - White Leather £10.50
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Oval buckle with friendly looking wolves on a black background
Wolves & Feathers Belt Buckle £14.49
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Handmade Leather Belts

Rolls of leather

When you buy a leather belt ... you want it to last. You want it to be solid leather and you want it to stay in one piece no matter how often you wear it. This is what you get from Worldbelts.

We use long lasting leather with each strap cut to size by hand from cow hide - you can see rolls of it in our shop. We prepare each strap the old fashioned way - visit us and you can watch every step.

Cutting the leather

There's no synthetic bonded laminates to come apart and as we use rivets, there's no stitching to come undone either.
After the belt is finished by hand in our workshop, we back it up with our 3-year guarantee and there's free UK delivery for orders over £30. So that's it - no synthetics, just long lasting leather guaranteed for 3 years.