Star Trek 25th Anniversary Belt Buckle

This commemorates 1991, which of course is 25 years after the original Star Trek series episodes were first aired (in 1966).

This item is a huge find and we only have a limited number, so it will be taken off the website once we've sold out.

It's got the Star Fleet emblem on a purple and yellow "flash". The background is a midnight blue star field.

The whole buckle is in different layers, with the lettering raised the most. Behind the lettering is the insignia and behind that are the two levels of the "flash". Even the stars are raised above the blue background.

Look at the photos for more views of the buckle.  The fixings on the rear have been molded with a bit more detail than usual and there's also the copyright info included as it's a fully licensed product.

Approx 80mm wide & 60mm high.

Type: Buckle

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