About Us

The leather: 

We buy leather hides and cut them down into strips of the right width ready to be made into belts. (We do buy it pre-cut sometimes).



We ready the leather strips for fitting to a buckle. This means punching holes for rivets (for the classic belts) or press-studs (for jeans belts). This is how we make sure it's all solid leather (not bonded layers glued together).

There's no stitching to unravel as we use metal rivets and press studs. In fact, we're so sure of our leather we back it with our 3-year guarantee.


Our history: 

At Worldbelts we've been providing leather belts and buckles to our customers since 1997. We started back in '97, working from a "mobile merchandising unit". (You and I would call it a large hand cart). Back then we were known simply as Belts & Buckles.

The business was eventually renamed Worldbelts and in 2004 we moved into our shop in the Swindon Designer Outlet. In 2008 we became a limited company - Worldbelts Limited.

Our physical shop was renamed to "Greens the Belt Maker". But we remain as Worldbelts online.

In September 2022 we were asked to leave the Swindon Designer Outlet, and now only trade online.