3 Yr Leather Guarantee

The guarantee: 

If our leather splits or separates within 3 years of purchase we'll replace it free of charge.

Isn't this unusual?


Many of our customers have arrived at the shop with a belt they bought elsewhere that has disintegrated into layers of plastic, vinyl, leather, cloth (even card) all previously glued together. And these aren't just cheap belts either.

At Worldbelts we only use solid leather, not bonded synthetic layers glued together. That's why we are so sure that it's long-lasting and why we are happy to back our leather with the guarantee below.

The small print:

Yes, we do have small print. It's sensible small print though. If you've let your pet dog, cat or tasmanian devil have a go at it then we just might spot the teeth marks and decide the guarantee is invalid.

The same applies to misuse. These are waistbelts - not to be used by action heroes for bungee jumping, hanging out of aircraft or sliding down ropes across canyons or superhero style from skyscraper to skyscraper.

Rather than list every likely (and unlikely) eventuality, we are just going to point out that the guarantee only applies to normal wear and tear. Even if you are a superhero! 


Please note in no way are we recommending (with or without our products) bungee jumping, hanging out of aircraft or sliding down ropes ...