You choose the leather belt, size & colour. We do the rest in our workshop.

But what does this mean exactly?

The classic formal belts made at Worldbelts are not mass produced items.

Each belt strap has been hand cut from a leather hide.

We continue this hand-made process by punching the blank strap with a slot. This is now the buckle end of the belt-to-be. The slot allows the buckle prong to poke through the leather.

We then skive it, thinning a short section with a tool much like a razor so that it will fold over part of the buckle.

It is then selected to match your order and fitted (riveted) to your choice of buckle and loop (and a metal tip if that's what you ordered).

Finally the belt is cut to the correct length and holes are punched.

We check it again then bag it up and send it to you.

One handmade belt for you, to last for years.