Unpop and swap your jeans belts and buckles.

Each leather belt strap is fitted with a set of press-studs for an easy/quick change of buckle, strap or even the loop.

It's so easy to adapt the belt to whatever your wearing and you'll find all the belt accessories you need here at Worldbelts. This saves your money too as you don't need to buy a whole new belt each time.

By the way, these jeans belts are 1.5 inches wide (40mm) and will fit through most jeans belt loops. Like your denim, these belts are hardwearing too. We know because our customers tell us proudly how many years they've worn them.

Each strap is handmade made by us from one single piece of solid leather with no stitching and no glued layers to come apart. And then there's the buckles... Some of these are works of art, with an incredible amount of detail. Bright colours or natural, with a solid feel to them too. You may even get the habit and become a collector.

Just choose the jeans belt and buckle, tell us the waist size needed and any accessories and we'll do the rest.